Benefits of Nitrogen in Tires

For many people, pulling into a gas station to top off their tire pressure is a common practice—but not all tire air is created equal. As an auto professional, you want to ensure your customers have the best tire inflation.  N2G Tire Fill is here to help lead you down the road to a better way of tire maintenance with benefits of nitrogen in tires.  

Many drivers aren’t aware that the body of a tire contains microscopic holes or pores. These very small pores allow air and gases to slowly seep out of the tire over of time. The amount of seepage is so incremental that, in most cases, it’s unnoticeable. However, as the gases escape, the tire pressure gradually lowers. The major difference between compressed air and Nitrogen is that Nitrogen’s molecules are larger than air’s molecules, which means that—compared to air—less Nitrogen can escape via the pores in the tire. 

A secondary benefit of using Nitrogen in your tires—which your customers are sure to love—is that it can extend the life of their tires. Compressed air, according to some studies, contains more than 20% oxygen. Oxygen is great for us because we need it to breath, but it has the ability to hold on to moisture—and that’s not so great for tires. When oxygen retains moisture, it can oxidize and begin to deteriorate your tire’s wall. Nitrogen is considered a “dry” gas and doesn’t retain moisture. Filling your tires with Nitrogen has been shown to help prevent deterioration, extending your tires’ life expectancy. 

With less seepage and less moisture in your tires, tire pressure remains more consistent, which means: 

  • A smoother ride, because your tires have appropriate contact with the road. 
  • Better fuel mileage and less fuel emissions. 
  • More control when you’re driving in inclement weather. 
  • A fuller life cycle for tires. 
  • More savings from fewer tire repair or tire purchases. 
  • Less old tires being put in landfills. 

When you explore the benefits of using Nitrogen in tires, the more you can see why Nitrogen systems are a good investment. Your ability to present your clients with the benefits of using Nitrogen versus compressed air is sure to set your shop apart from the rest. You customers will understand the difference in the quality your team provides, and happy customers are loyal customers. Call our team today if you have any questions about pricing, accessories, or the benefits of switching to Nitrogen.